Grant Maddison - Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor in Queenstown and Southland

Born and raised in Invercargill, Grant was educated at Southland Boys School before beginning a 30-year career in insurance and financial advice. He is now a well known and respected Financial Adviser in New Zealand..

Grant joined AMP as an insurance adviser in 1991, working his way up to become Principal Adviser, responsible for more than 20 advisers and one of the company's top performers.

He established AMP South in 1999 before selling up and moving to Queenstown to launch his own business, Maddison Financial Services.

Over the years he's built a reputation as one of the most trusted insurance advisors and financial advisors in Queenstown and beyond, hugely popular for his blend of personality and professionalism.

Grant works with a wide range of clients, from tradies just starting out to many high-net worth families and individuals who he has been helping for many years. He specialises in the rural sector, SMEs and families across Queenstown, Central Otago and Southland.

He is a Member of Financial Advice New Zealand. Grant lives in Queenstown with his partner, where he enjoys travel, golf, soccer and socialising.

Grant Maddison - Financial Advisor
“It's about getting clients the right result.”

Grant Maddison

Insurance Advice
Queenstown Insurance

Why Use a Broker?

"It's about getting clients the right result. Everyone can buy a policy online now, of course, but 99% of the time they're not going to have the right cover." - Grant Maddison

Navigating the hundreds of different insurance and investment products available in 2021 to find the best deals, cover and returns is a complex task.

While it's tempting to dive in and find the solutions online yourself, Grant says that is the equivalent of having a sore tooth and, rather than going to see the dentist, heading to your garage to find a pair of pliers.

Similarly, banks and individual companies are focused on selling their own products.

A broker provides access to the whole market and can provide a bespoke package of products, handpicked to suit your business or home life.

Tailored financial advice will ensure you are not missing opportunities to make the most of your capital or KiwiSaver. Personal contact throughout is another major benefit. "I pride myself on dealing with the claims - the whole process, rather than just selling a policy. I want to make the process as easy as possible for them when things aren't good."


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